About the Author

 Author and Scenic Nature Photographer

Janet Beasley

Janet is first and foremost an epic fantasy author. She is the founder and the creative force behind JLB Creatives, a subsidiary of her and her husband’s company Multi-Tech Productions, Inc. Together she and her husband have co-authored non-fiction books and been published in trade specific magazines, produced and directed everything from full scale productions, to festivals, to haunted houses, and beyond. They have spoken at international conferences, and served as facilitators regarding live events – production coordination – audio visual systems – and technical theater.

You might say that Janet’s extreme creativity, and fantastic imagination have not only helped create outstanding productions, but have also aided in bringing her to writing epic fantasy.

Janet works full time with her sister, Dar Bagby, across the miles. Janet lives in Florida, and her sister in Michigan’s U.

P.  Dar has become Janet’s exclusive illustrator and editor. Dar’s English Language Specialist degree mixes well with Janet

’s creativity to produce some of the  best epic fantasies the world has yet to experience. They describe themselves as such: “Shakespeare collides with Dr. Suess…but it works!”

Who will love reading Janet’s novels? Anyone who enjoys clean tales of good vs. evil chock full of fresh new plants-animals-and lands. Illustrations throughout make the novels come to life. Readers won’t find explicit sex scenes, foul language, or disturbing violence. Regardless of age, this timeless tale will present readers with characters, earthly or not, to whom they can relate. The young at heart will enjoy the “escape” Janet’s novels present.

For more information regarding Maycly, you may visit www.HiddenEarthSeries.com There you will find an array of reviews, videos,and the book trailer. There’s even a paraphernalia shop, a page where you can discover information regarding two companion books (a cook book and a full color illustration book), and a shop where dog lovers will find they capurchase the favored treats of Maycly.

What things does Janet love in life? That would be scenic nature photography, tandem kayaking with her husband, dogs, spending time with her family and friends, and baking cupcakes. Her goal in life is to inspire people and bring a smile to at least on at least one person’s face a day.

Janet says, “The Fantasy genre is a true niche for me. I am able to release my creativity on paper by drawing from and building on my life’s experiences. I love exercising my imagination to the fullest! It’s not about trying to get published, for me it’s about having the dedication and stamina to learn a new craft at the age of 49. I aim to reach the goals I have set for myself to arrive at the level of being a successful fantasy writer in my own eyes. But then again, getting a fantasy novel published wouldn’t be a bad thing to add to the list of my achievements either!

If Janet could live in a fantasy world, we asked her what it would be like. Without hesitation she answered:

“My log cabin (with a hot tub on the porch and a fireplace in the gathering room) would be built rather far off a dirt road where tame wildlife is abundant. My bed and pillow would be so soft I’d sink ever so deeply encasing myself in the fluffiness. The continuous aroma of a north woods forest and plumerias combined would float on the breeze. The trees would never lose their leaves, only change to brilliant colors in autumn then back to green in summer. Flowers would grow in whimsical bouquets. Spider webs with dew drops would be my jewelery. Clear water rivers would run effortlessly through the land (the absolute best for kayaking) ending up in calm lakes lined with stately trees and foliage for water fowl to build their nests. Fluorescent illuminated aquatic species and plants would bring light from the depths to the top of the waters. There would be a dock at the end of every path that leads to the water’s edge. At the end of each dock would be a few log chairs with plush seat pads and a table to place a drink. There would be a magic wand on each dock table too – just for creating fireworks 

or auroras in the evening skies. Sounds of numerous waterfalls of every size toppling from mogul hills and mountain tops would tickle the ears. Snow would never be cold. Birds would land in my hand singing their songs, and I would understand  their words. The sky would be pink, purple, blue, amber, and gold. The twin suns would warm my bones during the day, and the three moons would tell me it’s time for bed at night as they swooned me with their vocal lullabies. Sprites would be my daily guides through the woods. Fireflies would light my path in the evening. Of course my family and friends would be welcome anytime and could stay as long as they’d like. I would have my soul mate Don and canine companions by my side. Let’s see, did I forget anything? Oh yeah…and there would be an endless supply of chocolate and sweet berries.” 

Janet’s related field awards include a place in The International Library of Photography and The International Poet’s Society. She has also written several self help books, an autobiography and magazine articles. She has developed seminars and spoken at international conferences regarding technical theater’s many aspects.

Janet loves animals (especially dogs), kayaking, light hiking, birding, and spending as much time as possible with her family and friends.

Janet’s dream is to continue bringing her creativity to life for others to be enlightened for as long as she is able to do so.

JLB Creatives ~ ~ ~ Where the creative mind eludes the state of mundane living and being

Quotes by Janet:

*   *   * 

 ~Creativeness is the wonderful dream state of mind where one can enhance their perception of something making it unique unto themselves~

*   *   *

~Along the journey of bringing your creativity to a tangible state, you’ll find the secrets to the reward of accomplishment through your hard work and dedication~

*   *   *

~Your imagination…it’s a unique part of you…that you can share with the world~

*   *   *

~May you never lose the burning desire to unleash the power of your creativity~


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