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Behind Every Storm Is a Bright Spot 

Just Waiting to Burst Through

Hello everyone! So great to see you here.

Regular blog posts are still appearing on Mondays – but with a little bit of a twist. 

Due to the enormous success we have had with Maycly – I need to get busy on the next 5 novels…you read right…5 more novels! For this reason, every Monday we’re going to head to the archives and the postings will be some of the coolest and most helpful blog posts I made throughout 2011 and early 2012. This will allow me the much time needed to let my creativity run wild and write, and write, and write. 😉

 Not to worry, I’m not abandoning my fans – I’ll still be at your fingertips through comments here on the blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and other social media. 

So, without any further ado – welcome to the past!

Original Post Date

5 / 16 / 11

Hello everyone! Welcome back – and a special welcome to those of you just joining us for the first time. We hope you find the blog to be entertaining, informative, and some place you can bring the whole family with a bowl of popcorn and some hot chocolate to enjoy as you adventure on down the blog.



To view this video please visit: http://www.JLBCreatives.blogspot.com


     A creative artist in not usually known for a job well done at their 9:00 – 5:00’er where they have to sit through the usually much needed, mundane day-to-day grind to keep food on their tables and roof over their heads. YIKES! Just typing about it scares me! 🙂

     We creative folks need a place to call “home” – that may not necessarily mean our apartment, condo, or house (though a decorated dormer, a secluded basement room, or a bay window filled with a chair – tray full of colors – and a canvas do nicely.) Sometimes our creative “homes” may consist of a hiking trail, a garden, a gazebo, or a kayak gliding down a peaceful spring fed river.


     It’s amazing how much the senses play a part when it comes to being creative. Sights, sounds, and aromas can spark many new and wonderful ideas.

     For instance, I love to scrapbook – and in doing so, instead of relaxing, I found my creativity running wild. I thought to myself…if it works while crafting an album, why not scrapbook my walls? So I did!  *****NOW ALL YOU KIDS OUT THERE – DO NOT SCRAPBOOK YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE’S WALLS WITHOUT ADULT APPROVAL AND SUPERVISION!***** I myself am 50 years old and take full responsibility when the time comes to have to spackle the holes, sand, and repaint or wallpaper the walls should I decide to change the look.



To view the BONUS video please visit: http://www.JLBCreatives.blogspot.com

~     ~     ~


     It’s great having an aquarium on my desk next to a small dog bed where my puppy loves to hang out with me while I write…all day long! In the background are illustrations for my upcoming novels, scenic nature photographs I’ve taken, and plants galore! 

     When it comes to sounds, I have a library of music on my computer ranging from spa, jazz, and easy listening, to rock, classical, and gothic symphonic metal, and everything in between. It’s so cool to be listening to the music that fits the scene I’m writing (which brings me to the obvious – think about how much the music plays a part in a movie – you don’t normally hear circus music when gladiators go into serious battle.) 


     I also love to have a few candles burning in my Writer’s Den – and believe it or not – I have several scents of candles for different scenes. If I’m writing about a bakery, I light up the cinnamon sugar and chocolate chip cookie candles. If I’m writing about the woods it’s pine and palms. Any way, you can see where I’m going with this.


As with most artists, I tend to require inspiration for creating my illustrations. Unlike my writer-sister, Janet, who uses a lot of audio inspiration, I am more inspired by visual elements. I live on the edge of Hiawatha National Forest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so trees dominate the landscape around me. And of course there are birds-a-plenty to entertain my passion for bird watching. In addition to the boreal birds, I have the opportunity to watch water and shore birds from my back porch and deck, as my home overlooks Lake Superior. My binoculars are always within arm’s reach.

My studio is part of our home office. Computer desks cover two walls, closets full of file cabinets and supplies fill a third wall, and my drawing desk takes up the remaining space. There are large windows, one of which has been claimed by my miniature dachshund, Hammie, who has a special nonskid ramp running up to his “perch” on the windowsill. Hammie is a great source of inspiration by providing entertaining live action. I have an aquarium on one of the computer desks and a fishbowl on the other. A collection of sentimental trinkets, photos, sports memorabilia, and wall art allow very little paint and only minimal surface area to show through.

When it comes to deciding on a model for my illustrations, I depend on the Internet to show me things I have never been able to witness in person, and I allow my imagination to do the rest. This experience has come late in life for me, but it has proven to be one of the most satisfying excursions I have ever taken. I hope you enjoy going along for the ride when you read Maycly.

~      ~      ~


Photo taken in Florida’s Everglades National Park

Just because life’s path 

looks easy at a glance

NEVER let your guard down.

(And yes, that is real alligator on the right)

~     ~     ~


      And speaking of the Everglades…what an awesome place! From it’s terrain, to it’s creatures, to it’s people and it’s outstanding history, the Everglades is someplace everyone should have on their “bucket list.” This week’s link will take you to a page where you can learn more about the Everglades and what part they play in the planet’s eco system.

     I by no means endorse this site. I do not get money for click throughs, impressions, donations, visits, or any of that stuff. Any financial transactions between you and the site/organization are strictly at your discretion. I’ve merely chosen this site, simply because it’s just really cool!

~     ~     ~


      This week we got to catch a glimpse of my Writer’s Den and Dar’s Illustrator Den, dive into the realms of creative geniuses, and to top it off we went to the Everglades. It’s been a full post!

     Remember, THE COMMENT GAME this week is for you to post some comments on our Dens. Give us some feedback on what you like, or just post a comment to say Hi! 🙂 We love hearing from our fans…yes, that’s you.

     Please share us with your friends and family, and encourage them to share us, and so on – networking is simply great! And you can find us so many places…it’s just crazy man! Here’s the list: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn – JanetLinkedIn – Dar (Dar just became a member, so be sure and connect if you already haven’t) YouTube, TalentReel, and BlogTalkRadio.

Have a great week, stay casual, and we’ll see you WEEK 13!

Your writin’ picture takin’ fool…



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